Daniel Raper

Daniel Raper

Site Redesign

17th September 2017

I have upgraded the sites' stylesheets to the latest Bootstrap 4, and redesigned the theme used across the site. The home and photos pages have also been upgraded.

Powered by...

18th April 2016

A powered by footer has been added to the main page template, and clicking it will show a modal with more details.

Powered by...

18th April 2016

A powered by footer has been added to the main page template, and clicking it will show a modal with more details.

Site Migration

6th November 2015

The old website has now been migrated to Jekyll from PHP, as all of the content except the contact form is static.
The contact form is now hosted on Openshift.

Photo page - update

9th February 2015

The old, static photos page has been replaced by a newly designed version, linked to a flickr gallery.

Code Cleanup

3rd August 2014

I have now cleaned up the home page template, moving a lot of the inline Javascript and CSS to the pre-existing external CSS files and also removing obselete code still present in the site files.

Domain Change

10th June 2014

As .uk second level domains are now available, danr.uk is now the preferred domain for this site, although danr.co.uk will continue to function as before.

Site Update

27th April 2014

I have changed the way new pages are loaded, and the URL is now changed using the pushState Javascript function and AJAX, instead of changing the hash string, as before. The site still functions without Javascript enabled.

Site Cleanup

17th November 2013

I have removed some unneccesary pages, and added a Photos page to the site.

IPv6 Enabled.

September 29th 2013

This site has now been setup with IPv4 and IPv6, so it will work if you have one of them, or both of them!

Navbar Changes!

August 27th 2013

The navigation bar now has a hover event, that slides down when your mouse is over it, and back up when it isn't!

Fixed Issues!

August 27th 2013

Some issues with the fonts, and the pages fading in, on Google Chrome have now been fixed!

New Design!

August 26th 2013

I have just redesigned the site, with a completely different theme! It is now much more simplistic and loads faster on all devices!

New Contact Form!

July 7th 2013

I have now replaced the old form with a better looking, custom written form, which looks and works better!

New Colour Scheme!

June 28th 2013

The Navigation bar colour has now been inverted, so it is white now, instead of black, and a dark pattern has been applied to the background.

Updated Layout!

April 28th 2013

The page design has now been updated to show a carousel at the top, and the navbar has been detached from the top.

New Look and Search!

November 13th 2012

The stylesheets have now been updated to the newest version of Twitter Bootstrap and a searchbox has been added to the page!

Better Compatability!

September 23rd 2012

Now the site's pages run on AJAX, but the site will work fully on a device without Javascript enabled! That means that this site is still fully indexable by Search engines!

Added Logo!

September 8th 2012

The site name in the upper left hand corner of the site has now been replaced with a logo!

Site Makeover...

August 2nd 2012

The site has now been updated with: Buttons instead of links on the Navigation bar, Colourful buttons on the Homepage and a Vote bar on the Front page.

New URL Shortener!

June 31st 2012

I have now purchased the dj3.eu domain, for the use as my own Personal URL shortener! If you navigate to the root of dj3.eu, or a path which is not a Shortened link, you will be Redirected to danr.co.uk, and be shown a notice, telling you that it is a URL Shortener!

Bootstrap Installed!

June 15th 2012

This site's Stylesheets are now set to Twitter's Bootstrap, for better responsiveness, ease of use and better Visuals!